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VIP Welcome Party

The Women’s Champions Classic kicks off with a star-studded list of guests for live performances, fine food, and a celebration of women’s athletics.

Women in Sports & Entertainment Summit

A one-day, invite-only experience to hear from some of the top executives across sports and entertainment. Topics will include the intersectionality of sports, entertainment, and culture. Throughout the event, there will be open spaces for participants to network and engage in discussions and more.

The Starting 5

During the Summit, an all-star team of five various athletes, coaches, executives, journalists, and activists will be celebrated for the work they are doing and have been supporting in the growth and advancement of women’s basketball—from the boardroom to the court.

Basketball Gym Revamp

WCC will find and provide upgrades to a basketball facility in need, such as a court redesign and new hoops, bleachers, scoreboards, and more. Then we’ll host a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a community day, inviting influential figures from the local community to explore the revamped gym and enjoy a day filled with music and refreshments.

Girl’s Basketball Clinic

The Classic will look to host a local basketball clinic in partnership with the participating colleges, helping kids develop their skills—on and off the court.

Team Focused Event

WCC will work with partnering brands to create programming for the colleges to connect directly with the players, staff, bands, and cheerleaders or dance squads.


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